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Orchid Paradise is located in the most southern tip of Taiwan, Ping-Tung. The nursery is very close to Kenting National Park, a tropical paradise of southern Taiwan. People who lives here enjoy the beach, swimming, and driving along the coastal road for magnificent scenery.

Since the tropical climate in Ping-Tung is ideal for orchids. There are many orchids native in the surrounding mountains. Many Taiwanese orchid growers also situated their farm around this area and now people refer it as the Pacific Orchid Paradise.

Orchid Paradise is one of the best commercial orchid growers in Taiwan. We are very proud that we produce the finest quality Phalaenopsis orchids. We have been supplying our Phalaenopsis plants to Japan and the United States for many years.

We welcome you to visit our farm not only for the orchid business but also for enjoying an unforgettable vacation. Of course, please don't forget to bring your family together with you!


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Quality Orchids

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Bare-root Plants

Mericlones and Hybrids

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For more information please contact our U.S. office: 
Tel: (858) 613-1688
Fax: (866) 766-7023
Taiwan Headquarters:
Tel: 886-921-299848

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